Park Developments Group




Clay Farm Co.Dublin

Construction of a significant 100M long reinforced concrete bridge to will provide a vital spine through the Clay Farm Development

Key Features

  • 4 Span reinforced concrete bridge across a shallow valley in the centre of the Clay Farm Develpoment
  • Installation of 28 No. Precast Beams
  • Installation of 74 No. 350mm square precast driven piles
  • Insitu construction of pile caps, abutments, columns, crossheads, diapragms, deck etc.
  • 207M of bespoke curved precast parapet.
  • 1659M2 of bridge deck waterproofing
  • 28 No bridge Bearings
  • 34M of Elastomeric Plug Joints
  • Construction of a 14M long tempoary bridge to facilitate access over the Ballyogan River
  • Implementation of protective/mitigation measures and liasion with Inland Fisheries
  • 286M of Bridge Parapet & Vechicle Retraint System
  • 207M of Combined Drainage Kerbing
  • Construction of petrol interceptors, attenuation and outfallls
  • Circa 2300M of power & communication ducting.
  • Site Clearance earthworks and bulk excavation.
  • Installation of pavement, cycleways and footways
  • Installation of LED Streetlighting
  • Provision of in deck watermain and gas services.
  • Complex temporary works to facilitate construction of the permanent works.
  • Roadmarking & Singage Installation.
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