Alexion Enabling Works & Site Service

Enabling Works, in challenging ground conditions, with substantial service installations on a major Pharmaceutical development in Blanchardstown




PM Group


Blanchardstown, Dublin 15

Alexion are currently constructing a flagship development in Blanchardstown - the second phase, a production facility is underway.  JCL have completed key enabling and site works, working across the site and co-ordinating with multiple contractors

Key Features

  • Major temporary works in tight locations to facilitate new construction compound for the construction of Phase 2 - includes temporary drainage, power, foundations to provide for the expected 1000 operatives
  • 40,000m2 of car parking - delivered in phases in accordance with PM Group requirements - includes drainage, surfaced roads, post and rail fencing
  • Permanent services are being carried out within the site extents up to a window of 3m from the building footprint
  • This includes the following key services
    • 600m of drainage
    • 400m of foul sewer
    • 350m gas main
    • 300m of stainless stell double contained process pipework
    • 500m of ducting (LV, MV, communications, lighting) including large in-situ concrete chambers for LV ducts
  • All services have tie in points with existing live services, either constructed as part of Phase 1, or to the live main network (notably gas)
  • Substantial interface required between JCL and other contractors working in the same area
  • Challenging ground concditions with over 10,000m3 of rock excavated on site
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