Soil Modification & Cement/Lime Stabilisation Projects







Dublin & throughout Ireland

John Cradock Limited are leading main contractors in Soil modification & Cement/Lime stabilisation. In the recent past, on various contracts, we have utilised Lime & cement stabilisation to deliver circa 100,000M3 of stabilised fill to improve the properties of site won materials, to enable their use for pavement, working platforms,  fill constructions, building foundations and general building site plateaus.

We work in a collaborative manner with Irelands leading geotechnical designers and specialist contractors to deliver innovative & cost saving solutions. By seeking advice early during the development stages of a project you can ensure savings are maximised by optimising the use of modification / stabilisation in the design, look to reduce double handling and to minimise potential import / export of materials.

Our Turnkey Solutions on Soil Modification & Cement/Lime stabilisation Projects include:

  • Site Investigation & Assessment of Site Investigation Data
  • Design Requirements and Specifications
  • Volumetric Analysis, Quantifying & Budgeting
  • Assessment Suitability of material.
  • Providing Value Engineering Solutions
  • Independent Laboratory Testing
  • Site Quality Control & Record Keeping
  • Setting out & Provision of 3D Modelling
  • End Performance Checks
  • Navigating the BCAR Process when required.

Key Features

General Benefits of Soil Stabilisation - MAKE YOUR MUCK WORK FOR YOU!

  • Saturated / wet sites can be treated to provide a working platform within a day for project continuation during wet periods/seasons in case of cohesive materials, granular materials may need longer to allow nominal curing / drying of granular materials.
  • Wet and saturated fill materials can be recovered to allow them to be placed and compacted in accordance with given earthworks specifications.
  • Strength gains / finished strengths of more than 5% CBR can be achieved with a nominal addition of binder.
  • In cohesive material, the addition of lime reduces its Plasticity Index (PI). 
  • Will generally reduce the amount of imported material required.
  • Provides an increase in production during wet periods.
  • Can provide a substantial cost saving especially were the process eliminates potential disposal costs of unsuitable materials.
  • Increased quantities of a binder and or a mix of binders (Lime followed by Cement) are added; to provide both the benefits gained by modification, with substantial gains in finished strength of more than 15% CBR and up to 50% CBR.
  • Again, in cohesive material, the addition of lime reduces its Plasticity Index (PI), but if enhanced quantities of Lime and or Cement added, enhanced finished strengths are achieved.
  • The Stabilisation process can recycle existing pavements and pulverise materials to meet the pulverisation requirements necessary for capping a subbase replacement
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