Sillogue Water Storage Facility

This landmark project was completed for Dublin City Council 2007 and was the major project within Dublin City Council's North Fringe Water Scheme. The award winning project won national and international awards and was the largest project undertaken by the company at that point


Dublin City Council, Civic Offices, Wood Quay, Dublin 8


McCarthy Hyder


Sillogue, Dublin 11

JCL fulfilled the role of Main Contractor and PSCS on this important and architecturally innovative water infrastructure project adjacent to the M50 between Ballymun and Finglas

Key Features

  • 5ML capacity water, 40m high, and ranging in diameter from 8m (at height of 15m) to 39m (at top) which required one off specific formwork, 5,000m3 of poured in-situ concrete, 800T reinforcement, pre-cast roof, 800m Ductile iron pipes vertically through the tower and an internal structural steel access.  Included architechtural features with 100mm fluting and painting
  • 2 No 15ML capacity storage reservoirs constructed adjacent to each other, each 60m x 45m with 6m high walls.  Precast columns and baffle walls and in-situ concrete roof.  The total volume of concrete was 9,000m3 and 1,100T of reinforcement
  • 40ML/day capacity pumping station with 45m static head requirement, including pump hall, office facilities, control rooms, ESB substation and architectural feature walls
  • 7,000m3 open attenuation overflow pond
  • 3km of 800mm Diameter watermain, including 40m tunnelled section and connection to existing live main
  • 2km of drainage pipelines, 4km of service ducting, 1km of access road
  • Detailed quality and testing regime particularly for concrete and water quality
  • Awarded the Irish Concrete Society 2007 Infrastructure Award and an Holourable Mention at the 2008 European Concrete Network Awards
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