Remedial Works to West Wharf, Dunmore East Fishery Harbour

Existing Wharf Upgrade involving 2300 square metres of deck replacement and extensive piling works (Existing pile remedials and installation of new steel fender piles)


Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine


Malone O Regan


Dunmore East County Waterford

Dunmore East Fishery Harbour is located at the South Western extremity of Waterford Harbour. The fishery harbour is located at the south east end of the village and is accessed from the sea through an point at the northern end of the fishery harbour.

The fishery harbour is owned and operated by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine. The harbour is a major fishing and fish processing harbour which caters for cruise ships, the RNLI, the Irish Coast Guard and leisure facilities including Waterford Sailing Club and Dunmore East Adventure Centre.

A number of inspections and reports were carried out on the West Wharf by Consultant Engineers noting ongoing deterioration of the original structure, which was constructed in the 1960’s. The structure consisted of a deck slab 250mm deep with beam sections integrated into the slab.

As a safety measure the DFAM decided to replace the entire deck slab and carry out rigorous remedial works to existing piles. The contract was broken into 3 competitive tenders, JCL winning all 3. In total over 2300 square metres of deck was to be replaced with over 60 piles requiring extensive remedial works.


  • Demolish and replace over 2300 square metres of wharf deck
  • Carry out extensive remedial works to 60 no. 750mm diameter piles
  • Piling works
  • Installation of 68 no. Steel Fender sections
  • Work in tandem with local businesses, fishermen, Harbour personnel and members of public.

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