Meath County Council


Clifton Scannell Emerson Associates


Navan Co. Meath

Key Features

Stage 03 of the Navan 2030 Town Scheme consists of the urban regeneration of the Kennedy Road, Kennedy Plaza , Paddy O ‘Brien Street , Abbey Road & Market Square along with the reticulation of new water mains, broadband, Gas mains & Traffic infrastructure .

The proposed works will comprise of the following:

  • Provision of new granite paved footpaths, kerbing & car parking.
  • Provision of new Public Lighting along with the upgrading of existing infrastructure.
  • Over 4000m of ducting including ;ESB,EIR,CCTV,TRAFFIC, Public Lighting & Broadband.
  • The diversion of 200m of Distribution Gas Main along with works over and adjacent to an existing GNI Transmission Main.
  • Full pavement reconstruction including geotechnical solutions to increase the subgrade strength.
  • The reticulation of over 370m of 110mm HDPE water main along with associated connections to the existing infrastructure.
  • The installation and commissioning of a new signalised junctions at Kennedy Road and Trimgate Street.
  • Undergrounding of the overhead ESB network.
  • Construction of MV Substation Building.
  • Construction of Light Commercial Buildings.
  • 200 linear meters of insitu retaining concrete structures cladded in black granite.
  • 150 linear metres of bespoke pedestrian restraint railings.
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