Dublin City Council


Martin Heffernan


Islandbridge Dublin

JCL have once again being called upon to undertake emergency works by Dublin City Council. With the completion of emergency repairs to the Liffey River Walls at the Bellevue Apartment complex in Islandbridge.

Key Features

The project entails the rehabilitation of an existing riverside masonry retaining wall along the boundary of the Bellevue Apartment Complex. The works will include but are not limited to;

1. Fomirng a secure cordon around the works area/compound in the Bellevue grounds

2. Installing measures to avoid the escape of any pollutants into the Liffey

3. Demolitions, Excavation and Earthworks. Excavations will extend below low water level in the Liffey. Demolitions will include taking down sections of masonry walls which are judged to be unstable, and removal of tree stumps in the damaged wall

4. Staged pouring of a mass concrete retaining wall, to be facedwith random rubble masonry

5. Rebuilding of masonry walling

6. Drainage

7. Landscaping Works

8. Provision of Project Supervisor Construction Stage servicesand Covid-19 Compliance Officer services

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